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NBC TV - Fred and David Interviewed about Obama's Historic Cuba Visit - March 19 2016

Fred and David appeared on the Nightly News to talk about their song Cuba BC, the tru-life story of Fred Beato coming to America without his parents at age 10 as a Cuban refugee. - WATCH IT NOW!

CNN Español TV - Fred Interviewed in Spanish about Obama's Historic Cuba Visit - March 22, 2016

Fred and David appeared on CNN, Fred discussed his journey from Cuba to America as a refugee in the 1960's (known as a Pedro Pan,) and appears with his mother, as well as with Beato Band singer and old friend David Pack, as they play their song Cuba BC, recounting Fred's story. CNN also world-premiered a small piece of the Cuba BC Preview Video! - WATCH IT NOW!

WASHINGTON TIMES (Washington D.C.) - Beato Band: ‘Old Friends’ News Piece, March 23, 2016

It all started with Cuba B.C. (before Castro), when a young Fred Beato arrived in America as part of then “Peter (Pedro) Pan” Project that brought young Cuban children to the USA for a better chance at life. Mr. Beato landed at Torrance High school in California, where he became friends and bandmates with a young David Pack. (READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE)

HIGHWIRE DAZE - Beato Band CD Review - March 3, 2016

The debut album from Beato Band is a vibrant testament to both friendship and the timelessness of rock and roll, brought to you by the talents of David Pack (vocals, guitars, keys, bass) and Fred Beato (drums and rap).


Pack is well known for this tenure as a founding member and former lead vocalist of the legendary Ambrosia, whose massive hit singles include How Much I Feel, You’re The Biggest Part Of Me, and Holding On To Yesterday.


Pack and Beato’s musical journey began when they were Torrance High School bandmates in the rock-and-soul group Symbols of Tyme. In 1968 the Symbols won an all-encompassing U.S. Battle of Bands competition – at the time Fred and David were just 15 years old! (READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE)

THE DAILY BREEZE (South Bay of Los Angeles Newspaper) - Dec 25, 2015

Fred Beato and David Pack were Torrance High School buddies in the 1960s who became members of a pop group called the Symbols of Tyme. The band’s victory in a national Battle of the Bands competition led to an unsuccessful audition for “The Ed Sullivan Show.”


That brush with fame, and a June 30, 1968, article in the Daily Breeze about the band’s win, was the closest Beatles fan Beato got.


The nine-piece band broke up while they were still in high school. After graduation in 1970, the members went their separate ways to get on with their lives.


Beato, the band’s drummer, became a successful businessman, founding Huntington Beach-based Beato Bags, which sells orchestra instrument covers (READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE)

ENCORE: Celebrity Access Artist Spotlight - Feb 12, 2016

(Excerpt:) Fred Beato says, “I was determined to make my first album ever. Originally I asked Dave Pack to sing just one song, and even that felt like too big of a favor… but it turned out so good we realized we’d found something magic and it evolved from there beyond our dreams.”


Pack was so inspired by the early results that he wrote “My Old Friend” to tell the true story of their past and the blessing that old friends are today. He likens it to “The Who meets Paul Simon, with a sharp turn in Hawthorne near the Beach Boys original home. And I’m so proud that Fred killed those rock drum parts” says Pack. “His confidence came back!” (READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE)

Beato Band BUZZ - Quotes


“The music of the 70s was vibrant and set the standard to beat for the following generations. David Pack brings the ‘Ambrosia’ essence of that era into this project joining the heart-beat and creativity of a treasured fellow musician and comrade in arms Fred Beato. Together they take us to the beach and beyond while coloring it with today and the timeliness of inspiration. To copy some guys from one of the old bands I used to work with…’They’ve Got a T-Bird to Ride.’”

Ken Mansfield, former US manager, Apple Records


“This is fantastic, Cuba BC is our story - every Cuban and immigrant’s story and it needs to be heard.”

Emilio Estefan, legendary music icon and husband of Gloria Estefan


“The Beato Band CD is in power rotation at my house and on my playlists. Fred and David's labor of love knocks it out of the park with great songs, great grooves, and heartfelt vocals. I love it.”

Steve Porcaro, co-founder Toto, cowriter Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature”


“Beato Band is a truly Inspired collection of original and vintage songs with hi-end production, especially David Pack’s signature voice and harmonies.  For anyone who appreciates real singing, writing, and playing, this album is a must-have. ”

Richard Page, Mr. Mister and Ringo's All-Star Band


“It was my honor to have played on this incredible album with these great musicians.”

Joe Porcaro, legendary drummer, played on over 1000 film soundtracks, hit records


“Pack and Beato are reunited and they sound so good.  Their effort is a collection of great songs, highlighted by ‘Cuba BC,’ - a testament to the experience of a generation of Cubamericans.”

Jose Pardo, director/writer/producer of the documentary film Cubamerican


“This is a great record and should be in everyone’s music collection”

Al Schmitt, 23-time Grammy-winning engineer/producer


“What a groove.  You Guys Nailed It.” (about the song “Treat Me Nice”)

Joe Guercio, Elvis’s conductor/arranger


"Beato Band rocks!!"

Luis Conte, percussionist (Phil Collins, Shakira, Eric Clapton)


“This record is so good I am in shock!  I cried when I heard Cuba BC, OMG!”

Cecila Noel, award-winning, internationally-acclaimed singer

OC Register - Castro's Death Sparks Media Interest in Beato Band Story - Dec 7, 2016

OC Register writer Fred Swegles has written a masterful article that interweaves the lyrics from our song Cuba BC into Fred Beato's life story and the making of the Beato Band CD. He also taps Fred Beato and his 87-year-ol mother Cory to share their heartfelt thoughts on life in Cuba before and after Castro. - READ IT NOW!

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